Service Plans for all Models

The SDM Service Plan is designed to offer you hassle free motoring and an easy way to budget for all your servicing needs. Tailored to your individual requirements, you can choose which plan suits you best and can spread the cost of regular servicing through simple monthly instalments, just like household bills.


We will give you an individual quote to suit your needs based on your car's service schedule, your average mileage and how many years you want the Service Plan to cover.


You can take out a Service Plan at any time of vehicle ownership, and if you decide to sell your vehicle before the end of the term of the plan, you can easily transfer it to your new vehicle.


The Service Plan covers the complete cost of your standard servicing, including parts and labour, with the exception of normal wear and tear parts such as tyres, brake pads and windscreen wipers etc.


You can spread the cost with easy monthly payments with no interest to pay so you won't have to face an inconvenient bill. (If you prefer, you can pay in one lump sum) So, not only will you be able to budget easily for the cost of servicing, you could also save money. The servicing costs of your vehicle are frozen on the day you sign up, so you don't need to worry about price rises during the term of your Service Plan.


Your vehicle will be maintained and serviced by our professionally trained technicians. What's more, we update your service records helping to maintain your vehicle's resale value.



Service frozen at today's prices and without the hassle of a bill to pay!


MOT'S for duration of the service plan


Puncture repairs


Courtesy/Loan car & alternative transport (within a 15 mile radius, excl. insurance and fuel costs)


While you wait


£50 off your excess or 10% off any work


Choose from these easy ways to pay for your Service Plan:

  • Pay the full amount initially by cash, credit or debit card
  • Spread the cost with interest-free monthly Direct Debit

The SDM Service Plan is available for any vehicle new or used and costs for servicing vary depending on model, age and mileage. We will offer you a highly competitive quote for your plan, depending on your individual needs and explain how to spread the cost.​

How to purchase an SDM Service Plan

Simply call for a personal quotation.

We're always here to help!

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