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For your peace of mind we are members of the Retail Motor Industry Federation of Bodyshops and are authorised to display the Kitemark™ for quality.

Did you know…?

Modern day cars are made of many different and complex materials.

If specialised materials are repaired in the wrong way the safety and performance of your vehicle will be affected.

At SDM we only fit genuine parts and approved materials so our repairs maintain your vehicle's safety standards.

You can choose which bodyshop your car is taken to for repairs, your insurer cannot dictate this.


If you're not to blame then we'll take the claim.

Our services provide:

  • Like for like replacement vehicle (car, prestige, taxi, van, motorcycle, commercial)
  • Quality repair
  • Protect your No Claims Bonus
  • No excess to pay
  • Personal injury claims (you can claim up to 30 months after your accident

NO NEED TO MAKE A CLAIM AGAINST YOUR INSURANCE - SDM will take car of all your uninsured losses e.g. loss of earnings, items damaged in accident.

Why should I choose SDM and not my Insurer?

Most UK motor insurers focus heavily on minimising the cost of repairing vehicles. Your insurer will typically direct you to one of their "approved" bodyshops.This could make a big difference to your vehicle's safety, residual value and driving pleasure. The insurer's Bodyshop may repair damaged body panels when they should replace them, and they might not have the appropriate equipment to repair your technologically advanced car. This could invalidate any manufacturer's warranty that you may have.

SDM have technicians trained and approved by the manufacturers and adopt the cutting edge technologies recommended by them. That ensures the safety of your vehicle and maintains your warranty.

Accident? Call Hyundai First or Mazda Accident Aftercare

If you are in an accident and own a Mazda or Hyundai vehicle then call their aftercare service first before your motor insurer.

Your motor insurer will be notified of the accident and will confirm which approved accident repair centre it will be repaired at. There's no hassle, no claims forms and no cost.

Benefits of reporting your accident first to Hyundai or Mazda:

  • Genuine parts - repaired using Mazda or Hyundai genuine parts
  • Approved repair - Reparied at a Mazda or Hyundai bodyshop to brand standards
  • Safety rating protected - safety standards maintained by using genuine parts
  • Resale value protected - resale value of vehicle protected by using genuine parts

For free 24 hour accident aftercare call:

'Hyundai First' on 0844 836 7381 or 'Mazda Accident Aftercare' on 0800 015 0367


Our Bodyshop Manager

Stuart Vannet -

Will guide you through the claims process.

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