Driving changes when you connect

Before, during, and after driving your Hyundai, Bluelink keeps you connected to your car. A whole suite of services has been designed to make driving safer, easier, and more fun. They are available through the Bluelink smartphone app and on your Hyundai's touchscreen display.

woman by car

Before you drive

With the Bluelink app, the ease and joy of driving a Hyundai start before you even get in the car. The app communicates with your Hyundai; pulling status data, sending your route, or starting the climate control (if you drive electric).

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Check your Hyundai

The Bluelink app lets you check on things like the fuel or charge status of your Hyundai.

mobile screen showing car temperature

Be comfortable

Just check the app. Enjoy remote access to the status of your car from anywhere, at any given moment, like distance to empty, doors open/closed or locked/unlocked and windows or boot open/closed.

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Route plan with your Hyundai

The Bluelink app lets you plan your route without any hassle and then simply send it to the navigation system.

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While you drive

Hyundai Bluelink® Connected Car Services make driving easier without distracting you from the road. You can even use your voice for navigation and entertainment so that your hands can always stay on the wheel.

app showing route

Connected Routing

Enjoy better traffic forecasting, more precise times of arrival, and more reliable route calculations.

app showing radio and infomration options

Find what you need

Hyundai Live Services can find filling stations, parking spaces, restaurants, and other destinations.

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Hands free control

Just speak to navigate, start phone calls, or play music without taking your hands off the wheel.

car dashboard with app options

Connect your phone

However you want to use your phone while driving your Hyundai - we've got the right connection for you.

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After you drive

The journey doesn't end when you park. Use Bluelink to continue the navigation as you are walking to your destination, or find your car where you parked it.

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Did you have to park far away?

Last Mile Guidance finishes the navigation route on your phone if you have to park before you reach your destination.

mobile screen showing map where car is

Can't remember where you parked?

The Bluelink app remembers and will guide you back to your Hyundai.

app check showing theft notification

Is the alarm going off?

As soon as your Hyundai detects an attempt to break into your car, you will receive a push notification on your smartphone.

Connect to your Hyundai from anywhere

Wherever you go, you can connect with your car through the Bluelink app. Plan routes from home, find and lock your Hyundai, check on your car's health and status. And if you choose an electric Hyundai, there are some extra features on the app for you. 

Check in on your car

Wherever you are, just pull the phone out of your pocket and make sure your Hyundai is safe, healthy, and ready to go.

mobile screen

Alarm notification

Bluelink always keeps an eye on your car. If someone tries to break into your Hyundai – the door lock is compromised and the door is opened – the Bluelink app will send a notification to your smartphone.

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Car health information

For ultimate peace of mind, you can run a remote diagnostic check from the Bluelink app. The vehicle report shows information like tyre pressure, malfunction indicator, airbag, brake system, and more.

Use maps and location features

While using and controlling the navigation system in the car is easy, especially with Voice Recognition, the app lets you plan your route from wherever. The Bluelink app also allows you to finish navigating after you parked, and to find your car where you left it.

mobile screen

Send destination to your car

If your Hyundai is equipped with navigation, you can use the Bluelink app to search for destinations and plan your route outside of your car. Bluelink then syncs the route into your navigation system. Just get in and press go.

mobile screen

Last mile navigation

If you are within 200 m - 2 km, you can hand over navigation from the car to the Bluelink app. With augmented reality, your phone will then guide you exactly where you want to go.

mobile screen

Find my car

Forgot where you parked? Just open the Bluelink app to see the current location of your car – anywhere in the world.

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Electric vehicle special features

For those Hyundai drivers who chose an electric vehicle, the Bluelink app has even more convenient features: Prepare your right temperature, and manage anything relating to charging your electric Hyundai.

mobile screen

Remote climate

Set the temperature that is comfortable for you in the Bluelink app and the car will activate the heater or AC to get ready for your upcoming drive.

mobile screen

Distance to empty (DTE)

Before you get on the road, check the distance you can cover with your Hyundai's current charge.

mobile screen

Charging schedule

The Bluelink app provides access and control over your electric Hyundai's charging schedule. Manage it to ensure the best battery life and electricity rates. And that your car is fully charged when you are ready to go, of course.

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Charging limits

Take total control of charging your electric Hyundai. You can decide the limits for fast and overall charging - if you want to.

If you have any other questions about Bluelink Connectivity please Contact us