Square Deal Motors

SDM is a family-owned group proud to be representing Hyundai and Mazda based and over SDM Cars Site at Ladysmill.

Welcome to Square Deal Motors (SDM), a distinguished family-owned automotive group with a rich history spanning back to our establishment in 1963 by Ronnie Aitken. Originating from modest locations on Meeks Road and Bryson Street in Falkirk, Ronnie Aitken's commitment to quality and exceptional customer service laid the foundation for Square Deal Motors.

In 1966, our Ladysmill garage emerged, marking the beginning of our enduring partnership with Toyota. SDM was proud to be the longest-serving Toyota dealer in the UK, but now for a new beginning SDM Cars is now at our Ladysmill site.

Throughout the 1970s, Ronnie's sons, Brian and David, joined the family business, and in more recent years, Brian's three daughters—Helen, Jennie, and Lisa—have added their expertise to our growing legacy.

At our Middlefield site, SDM boasts an award-winning bodyshop. Additionally, we proudly clinched the Bodyshop of the Year Awards in 2019, underscoring our commitment to superior craftsmanship and industry-leading standards. So if you have an accident our Accident repair centre can assist you with everything

Discover the Square Deal Motors difference—a legacy of quality, family values, and automotive excellence that has defined us since 1963.