​Unlocking your Finance options

Exploring Finance options online can be daunting but we’re here to help you find the right arrangement for you, be it Hire Purchase (HP) , Personal Contract Plan (PCP) or an alternative.

Financing your car online

Financing a car online couldn’t be easier and gives you better visibility of what a finance agreement might look like for you.

  • First, find your ideal car. Check out our new and used cars to start your search today.
  • Then, use the finance calculator on the right-hand side of the vehicle detail page to discover the right deal for you. Don’t forget to add part exchanges, extras, and choose your delivery method here too!
  • Once you have found a deal you like, proceed to apply for finance online.
  • Make sure you take the time to understand the terms of your agreement as the online application process may include a hard credit check. If you have any questions about your finance agreement, support, or understanding, contact us.
  • We'll be in touch to confirm the next steps after you have submitted your application online for the vehicle you are interested in buying from us.

What is Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)?

A Personal Contract Purchase is usually broken up into 3 sections. The first is a deposit. This is then followed by a series of fixed monthly instalments before you have the option to make a final payment (sometimes called a balloon payment) at the end in order to keep the vehicle. Consumers have the choice of returning the car, paying the final payment (which is dependent on resale value) or putting that resale value towards a new vehicle.

This option is generally better for people who like to change their car regularly.

What is Hire Purchase (HP)?

Hire Purchase is a plan where you usually pay a deposit, and then pay off the total vehicle value in monthly instalments.
Once you have made your last payment, the vehicleis yours.

This option is generally better for somebody who wants to own the vehicle at the end of the agreement and can afford to pay more per month. If you don't have a high credit score, a hire purchase agreement may be easier to obtain as the car is used as collateral for the loan.