Toyota Hybrid Vehicles

Ever since the first Prius Hybrid took to the roads nearly 20 years ago, Toyota has been proud to be called Hybrid leader. Today, with seven innovative Hybrid models to choose from – and many more planned – there's every reason for you to join over ten million people in choosing a better way to drive.

What is Hybrid?

It's time to leave the old way of driving behind. Toyota Hybrids save fuel, reduce emissions and even recharge their batteries without being plugged in. You might think they are complicated to own, yet the opposite is true – they are designed to make your life easier.

Life’s easier with Hybrid

There's nothing complicated about driving a Hybrid. See how Toyota's designed them to be as easy to live with as any conventional car.

Hybrid Synergy

Double the power, double the response

Our Hybrids comprise two engines: one petrol, one electric. They work together to deliver smooth power and responsive torque, as and when you need it. Should you need any extra performance – for instance, when you're overtaking – simply press the Power button and enjoy an immediate reply.

double power

Intelligent power whatever the journey

Uphill: Both engines power the vehicle to deliver maximum performance.
Deceleration and Braking: The system recycles kinetic energy to charge the battery.
Overtaking: Both engines power the vehicle to deliver maximum performance.
Standstill: Both engines are automatically switched off so no energy is wasted when idling.


Fuel economy you’ll appreciate

It’s no secret that, on most cars, driving in the city increases fuel costs. Hybrids don't behave like most cars. For a start, they recycle energy and have two engines working in harmony to deliver figures as impressively low as 3 litres of petrol consumed per 100km. A noticeable return indeed and one that can be further reduced when driving in Eco Mode. Of course, if you want to eliminate that figure completely, simply select electric EV-mode, go easy on the pedal and you won’t use a single drop when accelerating up to 50km/h. Find out more about how the hybrid engine works.

fuel economy

A quiet feeling of tranquility

When you select the electric EV-mode on our hybrid cars you'll notice something quite special – nothing at all! The silence and sheer tranquility of the engine really is something you have to experience to believe. Electric EV-mode also produces zero emissions and provides an ultra-smooth ride. In fact, it’s a very calm place to be.

Low emissions you can't ignore

The perfect partnership of an electric motor and a petrol engine means our Hybrid emissions start as small as 70g per km, which is an amazingly low statistic for a family car. In fact, when driving in electric EV-mode, they can drive up to 50km/h without producing any emissions whatsoever – you’d find more CO2 in a spent balloon.

reduced emissions

Plug-in for even more zero-emission journeys

Think of a plug-in Hybrid as an electric car and a Hybrid rolled into one. With all the benefits of our Hybrid models, but boasting an extended electric driving range for even more zero-emission journeys, a Plug-in Hybrid is even kinder to your wallet and the environment.

need to plugin

Benefits of Hybrid Cars

Whether you're looking for a smoother and quieter way of driving, or want a car that maximises fuel efficiency while minimising emissions – there's a long list of ways our range of seven Hybrid models can make the difference in your life.

Life's easy in a Hybrid, just get in and drive

Toyota's Hybrid cars have been designed to be as easy to drive as possible. When you hit the power button there’s no noise, just a prompt that you’re ready! And as the Hybrid system controls itself, and all Hybrid cars are automatic, you just slot the gear lever in Drive and enjoy seamless power on every trip.


Hybrid: Two engines working in Tandem

Riding in a Toyota Hybrid car you’ll enjoy hearing more of what’s important as their hushed electric power delivers you around town. This electric hit blends seamlessly with efficient petrol-power at higher speeds and, at the moment you need it most, two become one – as both engines work in tandem – to power you ahead.

two engines

Batteries that never need to be plugged in

There’s no need to worry about how far you’re travelling in our Hybrid cars, just fill up with fuel and continue on your way, just as you would in any conventional car. And when the battery does run low, excess power from the engine charges it back up again. And that’s not all, whenever you brake, energy is recycled to charge the battery too – so nothing gets wasted.

charged hybrid
There's a Hybrid for everyone

Toyota's Hybrid story began in 1997 with the innovator: the award-winning Prius. Since then our Hybrid family has grown, and with six different models to choose from Toyota now have something for everyone. Whether you’re a city slicker looking for some urban wheels, or an ever-widening family finding it difficult to squeeze everyone in, from the Yaris to the Auris and the Prius to the Touring Sports we’re sure to have a Hybrid answer.

hybrid everyone

Easy on your wallet and the environment

Not only will you love being behind the wheel of a Hybrid, you’ll really appreciate just how much they save. Toyota's best selling Hybrid cars feel right at home in the city – switching off their engines as often as they can to save you fuel and money. And with low fuel-consumption comes low emissions; our Hybrid cars boast some of the lowest CO2 emissions in their classes and very low levels of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx).

easy wallet