The New KONA N Introducing the KONA N

The all-new KONA N 

From £35,820

We call it our True Hot SUV

With its 8-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) and a 280 PS powertrain, the KONA N cannot deny its DNA. Yes, it's N.

SUV versatility and power

Expanding the boundaries of versatility, the new KONA N delivers during your daily commute as much as on your backroad adventures. Or on the race-track, if that's your thing.

Like racing in a game, but real

Spice up your routines with a 10.25" digital cluster, a performance head-up display, and, of course, the N Power Shift.


Powerful without compromise

For the very first time, the Hyundai N division and Hyundai Design Center worked together to develop an SUV body type. The result: a powerful presence combining the modern design of the new KONA with the bold and dynamic language shared by all N models.

The front

The front view is dominated by large, iconic air intakes and the KONA's LED light signature. The lower grille and red accents bring a real Motorsport feel.

The rear

A large double-wing roof spoiler with the iconic break light adds the N spice. Dual exhaust mufflers express the KONA N high-performance spirit.


Race-inspired control, everyday comfort

If you love driving, you will love taking charge of your KONA N from the moment you slide into the race-car bucket seat. Every detail is designed to provide effortless command: from steering and shifting to constant performance monitoring.

Sport bucket seats

Feel like a race-car driver in these sports seats with pronounced side bolsters for excellent lateral support, leather accents, and blue stitching. They are available in cloth, leather, and suede.

N steering wheel

The leather N steering wheel provides excellent grip – and direct access to driving performance features like the paddle shifters and two customizable hotkeys. And, of course, the red N Grin Shift button.

Digital cluster and touchscreen

The 10.25" digital cluster racing game-inspired graphics play together with the 10.25" touchscreen that displays driving data like the g-force factor. Better than your favourite game, In Real Life.

N DCT shifter

The N logo, sporty metal accents, as well as the Performance Blue racing line and stitching bring the motorsport looks. Leather inserts for better grip add the right feel.


Motorsport power on the road and off

The all-new KONA N brings the excitement of N to the SUV. N means more than the 280 PS flat power engine or the 8-speed wet dual-clutch transmission. It means performance features such as launch control, the N corner carving differential, and the N Grin Control System with five drive modes (including a customizable one). Experience them all, in any driving condition and on all kinds of terrains.

Turbocharged engine

The 2.0 T-GDi engine delivers 280 PS and a substantial increase in flat power for more torque and power at lower RPMs, improving responsiveness, acceleration, and fun.

N Corner Carving Differential

The Electronic limited-slip differential (E-LSD) controls the power transfer to each front wheel. It improves steering and stability in high speed turns.

Dual-clutch transmission

The quick-shifting automatic wet-type 8-speed dual-clutch transmission (N DCT) also lets you select gears manually for when you crave more race car energy.

N Power Sense Axle

With enhanced stiffness and reduced weight, the front axle sends fast and precise feedback to the driver, improving grip and providing a more intuitive driving experience.

High-performance tyres

The tailor-made Pirelli P Zero tyres are the same ones being used by Hyundai teams in the World Rally Championship.​

Traction control

Traction control empowers the KONA N to perform in rough conditions (it almost feels like 4WD). Select between four different modes (DEEP SNOW, SNOW, MUD and SAND).

Electronically controlled suspension

For more precision and customisation, the KONA N suspension is electronically controlled. You say how stiff you want it for any driving adventure.

Launch Control

Accelerate with authority: Launch Control prevents tyre slippage and ensures optimal traction when you perform a powerful start


Expanding the boundaries of the Connected Car

N brings you more data for more control over your car and your driving experience, like HP, torque, turbo boost and G-force as well as lap and acceleration timers. The 10.25" AVN touchscreen also displays exclusive N content, connects your phone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and gives you access to Hyundai’s state-of-the-art Bluelink services.

10.25" Digital N cluster

Created with the N driver in mind, the digital cluster lets you keep an eye on your driving stats and gives you instant feedback on torque and turbo boost

High definition 10.25" touchscreen

Apart from the Performance Driving Data System, the Audio-Visual Navigation System also connects to Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.


Feel powerful and comfortable

The N focus on power and performance doesn't mean that you can't have outstanding convenience while you are pushing the boundaries of adventurous driving.

Head Up Display (HUD)

The KONA N is our first performance car with an HUD. In Sport or N mode it brings up performance data such as RPM, speed, and shift indicator in special N graphics.

*Image not shown to UK Spec

Heated and ventilated seats

Warm in winter and cool in summer. The driver and front seat passenger seats are available with seat heating and ventilation.


Trim Engine CO2 Emissions g/km*Insurance Group
VED First Year CostBasic Retail VAT Retail Price Recommended on the Road Price P11D Value BIK Band
N 2.0 T-GDi 280PS 2WD DCT 194 27A £1,420.00 £28,134.17 £5,626.83 £33,761.00 £35,820.00 £34,345.00 37%
Optional Extras Basic Retail Price VAT Retail Price
Metallic Paint £470.83 £94.17 £565.00
Solid Paint (Ignite Red) £0.00 £0.00 £0.00
Special Solid Paint (Atlas White) £250.00 £50.00 £300.00
Special Solid Paint (Sonic Blue & Performance Blue) £470.83 £94.17 £565.00

Figures shown are for comparability purposes; only compare fuel consumption and CO2 figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including the accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load.